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Got Ghosts?




Endorsements From Those Who Know


"Enjoy this very practical and 'down-to-earth' guide by two very genuine and compassionate Light Workers. Next time you ask, 'Who ya gonna call?' CALL THEM."

James Van Praagh- New York Times bestselling author of Talking to Heaven and Ghosts Among us - Co-Executive Producer of the CBS TV Show, Ghost Whisperer.


"The Ghost Buster Gals have the unique skill and incomparable knowledge necessary to get the job done. After journeying to the other side three times, I know how important it is to get those trapped between worlds, safely into the Light.

Dannion Brinkley- New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light and Secrets of the Light with Kathryn Brinkley - Founder of The Twilight Brigade/Compassion in Action


"Not only do Laura Lee and Ronnie, "The Ghost Buster Gals," provide plenty of goosebumps and chills, this is also a book filled with practical wisdom and excellent advice for those individuals who may find themselves the unexpected host for unfriendly ghosts. Whether you consider yourself an accomplished paranormal researcher or if you just like to read spooky stories, you will find the perfect tale for you in Got Ghosts???"

Brad and Sherry Steiger- Leading Authorities in the Paranormal and Spiritual - Author/coauthor of over 160 books

Book Reviews


Dear Ronnie,

Got your book on Thursday, read it on Friday. Very informative and amusing. Hope I never have to use any of the information in the book. You and your partner are a couple of gutsy ladies. Obviously, I couldn't put it down until I finished it.
Take care, blessings,

Linda O.


"Got Ghosts???" contains seriously piercing insights into the afterlife realms, cloaked in laughter and unpretentious writing. I've not found any other book about lost souls with as much soul, skillfully handling such a heavy topic with a consistent sense of gentle humor and light-heartedness. The synergy of Ronnie Rennae Foster and Laura Lee Mistycah is evident in the writing, as they bridge two highly refined perspectives of the spirit world into a unified dynamic partnership without losing their respective individualities. Nowadays, there are many TV shows and bookstores stocked with stuffy encyclopedic books covering the paranormal, many only interested in psychically confirming and/or scientifically proving the existence of hauntings. Unfortunately, there are not many people in this field with any depth of knowledge on how to assist beings on the other side. This book is the exception, detailing revolutionary techniques and practical tips for the perplexing problems of living with ghosts.

A. Green


Ronnie Rennae and Laura Lee Mistycah's book "Got Ghosts???" is a fascinating read, very entertaining, and it also answers some of those questions we always wonder about with regard to ourselves and the nature of reality as spiritual beings having a human experience. I was engrossed by their experiences and read it in about 4 hours. I heartily recommend this book to everyone looking to understand the world we live in!

George W. Cunningham


Hello Laura Lee!

I feel absolutely compelled to write you right this very moment. Firstly to say that I really enjoyed so much meeting you at the conference. Well, "meeting", isn't exactly the right word, is it? How about this? It was good to see you again!

I spent yesterday evening reading your awesome and hilarious book. I alternated between guffaws (Step 1 to becoming a ghost is: First you have to die -- that had me clutching my sides) and waves of energy swirling up around my legs every time you wrote something that totally resonated (and there was lots!).

I especially appreciated your practical tips on how to deal with ghosts in a way that makes sense, is effective, and creates a great result for both ghost and oneself. Your humor and candor are delightful!"

Big hugs,

Alison P.


Dear Ghost Buster Gals,

When I read the book, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was such a thing as 'crossing people over.' Got Ghosts??? is the book that has the tools you need to educate yourself and prepare for helping people get to the Light. The book helped me realize that my cousin, who died in a car accident, was trapped and needed my help to cross over. The Got Ghosts??? do-it-yourself guide helped me break her out of her distress and find the Light. Humans are very powerful and this book explains how we can use our passion and religion to really make a difference. Great job ladies. I cannot wait for the next book.



Hi Ronnie,

I started reading your book. It is awesome! So far the stories are very interesting. I just stopped at page 52. I have to run some errands, but it's a hard book to put down!

(Next Day) - When I read the book, it's like I'm right there with you on the case. That's how fascinating Got Ghosts??? is!

Adam B.




This is a partial chapter list that is lurkingbetween the covers of our book...


~ Demons, and Spirits, and Ghosts, Oh My!
~ Shove-Ins ...The Universal Squatters.
~ Got Ghosts??? ...So What Do You Do Now?
~ Success Stories... Unearthly Adventures In Ghost Deportation.
~ Synchronicity... What Are the Odds?
~ Who Are The Ghost Buster Gals... Really?


Excerpts from Got Ghosts???


Who Ya Gonna Call?

It was a dark and dreary winter night. (So, how did you expect a book about Ghosts to start?) The moon had just begun to creep over the horizon, casting eerie shadows on the sidewalk. In the distance, the scream of an ambulance pierced the air, and started the neighborhood dogs howling. Kirk approached his front door and stopped, key in hand. He took a deep breath, steeling himself for what he knew lurked inside. "Oh God, what will it do this time? The attacks are getting worse. Will I be next? I am so uncomfortable in my own home. I am afraid to live here anymore. This was supposed to be the house of my dreams. Now it's turning into my worst nightmare." As he stood in the doorway, he felt his heart pounding in his chest, his mouth dry with fear. The dread of merely walking in the front door made him feel sick to his stomach.

Kirk was at the point where he just couldn't take it anymore. Thank God, help was on the way! This was the only thing that gave him the courage to walk through that door.

Yes, this is a teaser, and when you buy the book you will find out what happened next...

Welcome to the Hotel California

"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device."

In May of 2002 we were invited to Pahrump, Nevada as guests on the TV show, Out There. When we arrived, Kate and Richard the hosts of the show, mentioned that they had a close friend named Kathy who worked at the extremely haunted Amargosa Hotel and Opera House. The hotel was located at Death Valley Junction, in the middle of nowhere on the California/Nevada border. It was plagued with a plethora of ghosts and Kate thought given our profession, that we might be interested in visiting the place. How could we say no to such an offer? At the time we thought it would be a sightseeing tour, just to get our opinion on what was going on out there. Boy, were we wrong!

After about a forty-five minute drive through the desert, we pulled up to the hotel as night was starting to fall. It reminded us of the Eagles song, "Hotel California" with the palm trees, the stucco buildings, and a very eerie feeling emanating from it.

Kathy was one of the managers at the Amargosa. As a sensitive, she felt the plight of the spirits that were trapped there and was able to communicate with some of them. Most were very unhappy and under the thumb of one major tyrannical ghost. Once they came to warn Kathy that "he" was coming, and she needed to get out of there. They caught ghostly Hell from him afterwards for warning her!

Promising to find someone to help these gloomy ghosts, three attempts were made, with three different psychics. Unfortunately, they were all unsuccessful. Since Kathy had given her word, she kept trying. During this time, she also attempted to do what she could to make these oppressed souls, happy. She would actually have her husband come and play his guitar and sing. They recorded these sessions, and at the end of one they heard a man with a southern drawl say, "Thanks y'all. Love y'all." Kathy seemed to have a stewardship over this "flock of ghosts."

We were met at the entrance of the hotel by Kathy, and her parents, Don and Mary. Kathy began to share stories of all the bizarre things that went on since she began working there. One night a customer came bolting out of his room screaming. When they calmed him down, he explained that he was putting his things away when a cat came in the room. He had been distracted, but instinctively reached his hand down to pet it. When he did'he felt only half of a cat!

The rest of the story could raise the dead....Oh, wait, they already were! You will find this story in chapter 11


Spokane Mini Mansion

Laura Lee once lived in a large home with her husband and four children which she referred to as a "Mini Mansion," In its day the mansion was quite a place, with a magnificent ballroom in the basement. Now it was not quite so magnificent. The walls were cracked, the plaster was falling off, and graffiti was adorning the entrance. It was adorned with something else too, something that you cannot see, only feel... a multitude of nice and not so nice ghosts. Some of them created an electromagnetic field that caused severe static on the clothes in the laundry room. All the clothes wrinkled so badly, that no amount of fabric softener or even ironing would take them out. Through a variety of methods, she finally evicted all the nasty ones (many of which were related to drug abuse). When they left, so did the static that created "mega wrinkles" in the clothes.

One of many amusing phenomena that transpired while living in this Mansion, was that the toilet in the master bedroom flushed by itself every night at 10:00 ...she called it her "Potty-geist."

Want to read more Hair Raising tales about the mansion? ...That's right, it's in the book!



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