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Letters From Happy Camper Ghost-Free Customers


After I was hit by a speeding teenager on a snowy night two days before Christmas of 2007, I exhibited subtle changes in behavior that I didn't realize for awhile. For instance I began drinking rum and coke almost everyday. I am normally a moderate drinker who usually has a beer on a hot afternoon or maybe a glass of wine with a great dinner. Rum and coke and sometimes two became a regular experience. Sometimes in the middle of the day I'd feel like I really wanted a drink and I'd say to myself that it was ridiculous and make myself refuse to get something. Other times I'd go for a beer and think, "I don't really want this," but I'd drink it anyway. I'd always been a breakfast eater, believing that it is the best meal of the day. After the wreck, I didn't feel like eating in the morning, sometimes not eating until lunch or later. I quit making salads at dinner something both my husband and I especially like. I felt groggy many mornings when I forced myself to get up and get going. I mostly wanted to sit in my chair and if not read, simply sit and stare out the window. I'm normally pretty active and it became a test of my will to get anything done...always forcing myself to get the laundry done, clean, etc.

Worst of all I felt in a very dark place, even saying more than once to my husband, "I'm just in a very dark place." He tried to be supportive but we were both stumped as to what was wrong. I didn't actually want to take my life but I had thoughts of not wanting to be here anymore, it was all too much work.

I had weird, (not like me), accidents...dropping an egg on the floor when putting eggs in a kettle to boil. It's like it just flew out of my hand; dropping a saucer I was moving to the microwave, again like it had a mind of its own. I left a necklace in my car, couldn't find it and was sure someone had robbed my car. It was found later in a different sack, in a different place in the car than where I had left it.

My daughter Laura was friends with Ronnie and actually did the art work for the cover of "Got Ghosts???" She had mentioned many times that I should call Ronnie for help. Finally out of desperation I did. Ronnie discovered I had a female entity named Gillian, shove-in during the accident. When Ronnie was doing the ceremony to move Gillian on, she had me hold a rock (Aulmauracite). As she was communicating with Gillian I could feel Gillian's heart begin to beat really fast, and in my head I could hear her say, "Don't believe her, don't believe her." All of a sudden I felt something very hot start at the top of my head and move down my body and out my feet...just as it left Ronnie said, "She's gone."

My body instantly felt excited and happy as it hadn't in a long time. The feeling lasted all the way home and actually for several days. Most interestingly I felt physically lighter and still do. I have started to set boundries for myself so I can attend to my own life and not everyone else's, something else that was hard for me in the 2 1/2 years when I shared my inner space and was so controlled by Gillian. I am happy for myself, to feel more like myself, I am also happy for Gillian that she has found peace.

Mikel R. Aug-2010


Dear Ghost Buster Gals

I cannot say enough about the positive changes we experienced after the busting. Not only was it successful, but my sleep improved dramatically, and the house calmed down and finally became livable.

Thanks for the help,

Marvin S.


...Ronnie and Laura Lee were able to remove negative energy vortexes that broke every new item we brought into our house…nothing new ever worked…until now.

My wife and I often wonder what we would have done if we had not heard of The Ghost Buster Gals. They have given our home a sense of calmness again and our children are back to being themselves. We wonder how many other parents might be going through something similar.



When I moved into my new "dream" house I always thought I would live here for 5 years only. Friends would say, as soon as you were moving in you were moving out. It is a pretty, quiet, scenic house and I had no conscious apprehension. My sister planned to move in 5 months later. I always dreaded that for no apparent reason, except I liked things my own way, or so I thought. It is a mother-daughter home and I decided she could have the more formal, larger, first floor. I was not as comfortable there as I was in the second floor area.

My sister moved in and had one medical malady after another in a two year period. She had always been strong and in good health. After one particularly disabling fall, she seemed to change. I heard The Ghost Buster Gals, Ronnie and Laura Lee, on the radio and heard them describe a newspaper reporter who fell and started acting differently. It turns out, they said, she had a shove in. I contacted them after hearing the show and scheduled an appointment.

Turns out my discomfort in the house and the first floor and basement in particular were with reason. They cleared 10 ghosts from the house, 2 shove-ins from my sister (who had taken the opportunity to insidiously insert themselves when she fell), and a shove on. In addition, they closed a portal in the house in the first floor bedroom that was causing a lot of chaos. Once cleared, the environment calmed down.

Vigilence can be required, however, as some of these ghosts and spirits are as stubborn as the mafia and like to run the show. Laura Lee and Ronnie go in to clean up, and leave spaces spic and span. They provide spiritual guidance, empathy, and peacefulness.

Thank you!


...We are very happy in our home, and it didn’t used to be that way. Thanks for all that you two did for our home and our family.

Allison G.

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