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Ghastly Ghost Removal

Consultation Fee: $200.00 (30-45 minutes)
Ghost Busting fee: $400.00 Per Hour + Travel
(Includes All Ghost Busting Paraphernalia)

Can Also Do Remote Ghost Bustings When Onsite Work Is Not Possible. (We actually prefer remote Ghost Bustings.)

We wrote the book "Got Ghosts???" to educate you on how to help yourself and give you confidence. If after reading the book, you still feel that you need assistance, then contact us. We only Ghost Bust for people as a last resort. (If you want someone to do it all for you, then we're not the help you are looking for.) If we do take you on as a client, it is mandatory to have your house gridded with the Aulmauracite Stone of Truth & Justice Rocks before we have our session. These rocks are complimentary to our clients, and are worth their weight in gold, literally.


  •  We guarantee the same ghost will not return.

  • We pledge to help you make sense out of the senseless.

  • We will continue to provide assistance after the initial Ghost Busting if needed, to make sure all residual energy is cleaned up, in most cases at no additional charge.

  • We expect our clients to be pro-active and follow our instructions.

  • We are not responsible for the return of negative energy or neighborhood ghosts squatting on the premises due to drugs, alcohol or violence.

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