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Spiritual Check-up

If a loved one dies alone or in fear,
Don't despair, The Ghost Buster Gals are here!


Initial Consultation: $100
Spirit Rescue: $155

Consultation + Spirit Rescue: $255

If there was overwhelming trauma, fear, guilt, shock, or other lower vibrational circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one, and you would like to know whether or not they are trapped or lost, you can schedule a consultation to ease your mind. We have the experience and expertise to contact your loved one, and see if they need to be "rescued" and assisted to the other side.

When a person dies in extreme fear, grief, shock, anger, sudden impact, guilt or shame, it may lower their vibration so much that they cannot see or feel the magnetic portal "home." The results may keep them Earthbound.  If this happens, they can feel lost, confused, frightened, and sometimes don't even know they are dead. There are also "spirit traps" people can get caught in! This condition creates what the world perceives as Ghosts. (Read our book "Got Ghosts???" for details and fascinating stories of this phenomenon.)

Some of the most common questions in people’s minds when they contemplate their deceased loved ones are:

  • Where is my loved one?

  • Are they ok?

  • Did they make it to the right place?

  • Are they stuck somewhere?

  • Can they see or hear me?

  • What about my pet…is there a heaven for pets?

These are important questions that do not have a "one size fits all" answer. It has been our experience that "normally" after beings make their transition from this world to the next, they are welcomed "home" (wherever that may be) with impeccable "Love." This can be in the form of family, friends, or even pets. Sometimes the Love appears as spiritual deities they are familiar with.  Then there is a period of "debriefing"  and many are in need of "rehab" if they have been severely traumatized.  There are many different forms of these "rehab facilities" with Nature being a huge part of their healing, and are custom-designed  to the person and their needs.

After this debriefing, they can choose to go back to the Earth Plane temporarily. This can facilitate closure for everyone involved. In some cases family members need to find important documents and are suddenly given inspiration on where to look. Sometimes they will come in dreams. Being able to "feel" the presence of someone who has crossed over is also a great comfort to the ones left behind, and assists them in understanding the realms of spirit and its true nature. We have found that these rules also apply when it comes to our pets.

After this closure period is over, the loved one goes back to where they came from, and continues their spiritual evolution… wherever and whatever that may be. It is possible that their next spiritual contract is to go to "Guide School" and then return to watch over family and friends here on Earth. This can be a temporary or long term assignment.


It is also important to note that loved ones can come back at the speed of thought when needed or if called upon.


Love, and oddly enough, "healing humor" is also transmitted  at thought speed, and can be felt on the other side as well.

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