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Our Ghost Busting Stories


Glover Ghosts



Jolene: A little girl about 7 years old who witnessed her parent's brutal murder in the mansion. Dying in an orphanage shortly after, her trapped soul returned to the last place she saw her parents…Glover Mansion. Jolene would pull on tablecloths and send glasses shattering on the floor, tug on people’s clothes, and blow out candles just to get attention.

What happened next? You can only guess until you read Got Ghosts???

Maita: The mansion staff always heard pacing on the top floor, and got the creeps whenever they had to go up there. Even though the energy was downright spooky, Ronnie went to investigate. She found a young woman in the advanced stages of labor, anxiously pacing back and forth. She was a maid in the mansion and was secretly carrying the master's child. She delivered her own illegitimate baby in the bathtub, and in desperation, drowned it. A short time later she committed suicide in the same tub. Her soul became trapped because of her guilt, and she created her own hell by reliving these incidents over and over again. That is why people could hear the constant pacing.

Was there any way out of this Hellish Time Loop Maita got stuck in? The book Got Ghosts??? holds the answer.


Brief Briefing of More Ghost Tales....
(Do ghosts have tails? Hmmmmm....maybe some of them do.)

We discovered and reversed a negative energy vortex in the basement. The Mansion is near two large hospitals....Lots of lost, scared and confused souls were drawn there. Opened a vortex and sent many beings back to the Light.


A Little 4 year old boy who fell out the window-Last thoughts were " Mummy and Daddy won’t love me anymore," because he was told not to play there. Reunited him with his parents.


A Gaggle of Ghosts in the Dreaded Basement: No one wanted to go down in the basement at Glover Mansion…ever! We discovered a host of ghosts as well as other offensive things including a room that was used for torture.

While taping a local T.V. news story, we detected two very terrifying and nauseating places in the in the wine cellar, and another in what is now a tool room. We both, at the exact same time, got the impression that severe beatings and torture were carried out in these rooms, but the tool room seemed to be the darkest. We cleared the wine cellar first and then the tool room, which took a lot more time and energy. When the tool room was cleansed, we closed the negative vortexes and then set a love and compassion energy grid to replace the anger and fear. All of a sudden every water pipe in the building flushed at the same time. We looked at each other in astonishment. The present owner of the mansion was standing outside the tool room and said that this thorough pipe flushing has never happened before. Sometimes you could hear some water draining from the kitchen, or maybe a toilet flushing, but never water running through all the pipes at once, starting from where we were at the east end of the basement and rushing to the other end of the house! This was confirmation that our work on a spirit and energetic level had activated transformation in the physical.


We both felt something or someone was buried under some of this rubble. Dannion Brinkley, world renowned author of Saved by the Light, who has had 3 near death experiences, verified our findings when he visited the mansion with us. He also felt that something creepy was buried under this rubble. We felt that there was some sort of portal by the window, but never had the time to get our flashlights and investigate it by physically going inside. When this picture was taken, it was the first time we actually saw this window, and if you look closely, it resembles the face of a guardian looking to the right.


More Ghost Busting Stories:


Spokane South Hill Residence Qi Gong Master, Rodger Estes was trying to sell his mother’s home. Lots of disturbances: paint cans spilling over, contractors leaving mid stream. We released his mother as well as his aunt. Hundreds of other trapped spirits from the neighborhood and near by park felt our vortex and were able to find their way home. The rest of the renovating went smoothly. The home sold within minutes of putting up the for sale sign.

Remote Ghost Busting A man from San Francisco contacted us because he was being harassed by several different ghosts in his town house. There was one in particular who was really hostile, and kept telling him to "get out!" We did a consultation, and after psychically investigating how best to proceed, we set up an appointment and executed the Ghost Busting over the phone. Everything was quiet for two days but on the third day, there was evidence that time loop residue had manifested. We were then able to instruct him on how to clean it up. We assisted him one last time a few days later, in neutralizing and rerouting a ley line that was creating an energy vortex for aggressive and hostile frequencies and entities. Since that time, he has been "Certified Ghost Free" and to date has had no more problems. There was much more to this story, and the astounding details are revealed in our new book Got Ghosts???

Here is a note of appreciation and a testimonial from him.


"I want to thank the GBG's for their help.

"My ordeal started 1/11/02 to 1/14/02. During that 3 days of Hell, I was tormented by several entities, and one mean male entity. I lost 3 days of sleep and was consistently harassed by that entity. I found the GBG's on the Google search engine. Thank goodness I did. I contacted them and told them my problem. Despite the fact I was calling from another state, they were willing and able to help me out. They told me that the mean entity had a military background and he was angry and confused. Nonetheless, they managed to get rid of him and all the other hostile entities.

"Thank God for the GBG's. I can finally get a decent night of sleep. Knowing who helped me out makes my life a lot easier."

Keith in San Francisco


Coming Soon!

More Pictures and Ghost Tales

NOTE: We always do our Ghost Busting jobs as a team to verify each others readings, consult with each other, make use of both spiritual realms that we work with, and watch each others backs. We do however, schedule private consultations and personal readings separately.

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